How it all started

Fat Cat Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster located in Hokitika, a town on the West Coast of New Zealand. The roastery was established in 2012 by Wendy Jepson in Outram, Dunedin. Wendy has been roasting since 2007, initially for the café that she started in Outram, The Wobbly Goat. When she sold the Wobbly Goat in 2012, Wendy moved the 5kg Turkish drum roaster to her house and created a space specifically for roasting Fat Cat Coffee.

Fat Cat Coffee moved to Hokitika in 2018, after Wendy and her husband, Fletch, took over Hurunui Jacks

Wendy supplies coffee to The Wobbly Goat Café and Rez de Chaussee in Dunedin, as well as individual customers for use in homes or offices.



Our coffee

Fat Cat Coffee is roasted in small batches frequently to ensure that you can always purchase fresh coffee. We recommend that you buy a small amount often rather than stocking up to make sure you have the best tasting coffee. We think Fat Cat Coffee is best around 4 days after roasting to allow a few days for the beans to have a chance to fully develop their flavour or de-gas. De-gassing is important as roasting creates carbon dioxide in the coffee, if you drink it too soon you may see fizzing in the cup and taste high acidity.

Our house blend is called Sunday Drive, inspired by the drive out to sunny Outram, where Fat Cat first started. Sunday Drive is a blend of beans from Central America & Asia creating a full bodied, rich coffee with great mouth feel and a chocolately finish. Fat Cat Coffee ‘Sunday Drive’ has previously won bronze medals in the NZ Coffee Awards.